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Founded in 1923, Novo Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company that employs more than 55,000 people in 80 offices worldwide and markets its products in more than 170 countries. They contribute to the fight against serious chronic diseases such as obesity by pioneering scientific solutions and by expanding and facilitating access to their medicines. The story of Novo Nordisk and Republic Group met in 2022.


The MG car brand, which has changed hands many times since the 1920s, was acquired by China’s SAIC Motor in 2007. One of the milestones in the tremendous growth since then has been the launch of the brand in Central Europe, in which Republic Group played a key role.

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We wanted to come up with a memorable event that could appeal to the whole advertising subculture through its own relevance and topicality, but also communicate the 25th anniversary of Republic Group in an exciting way to the industry. If you’re interested to see what the end result was, go to the next page!


In its 20-year history, BrandFestival has grown to become one of the most important brand and corporate strategy summits in Central Europe. The event has been organised by Republic Group from the very beginning and chaired by Tamás Barna, co-founder and Managing Director of our agency.


Unicum is one of the biggest brands in the country, and its campaigns are of great importance from an advertising point of view. Republic Group had the honour to add another film to the iconic Unicum TVC line-up, crowning our agency’s 25th birthday.


The launch campaign of Hungary’s newest and Buda’s biggest department store started on 1 September, 2021. As the name of Etele Plaza’s slogan puts it: it was full of glamour and excitement.


Founded in 1819, Wienerberger has grown to become one of the largest brick manufacturers in the world. They satisfy customers through continuous improvement and technological innovation. The latest result of this philosophy is the Porotherm X-therm brick, which combines traditional bricks with modern science.


Medve is a brand we all know and love. Their new product launch – sandwich cheeses – is aimed at families with young children. In the campaign, our purpose was to present the brand (that had not been seen on television for a long time) in a way that would attract attention, but we also wanted to maintain the lovability and kindness of Medve people have always been accustomed to.

Sliced Edam, Gouda, and Emental cheeses were presented through a visually exciting world where the secret of Medve was also revealed. In order to create a unique effect, we used mixed techniques in the video.


Everyone is already familiar with Raiffeisen Bank’s yellow door platform. When you enter it, you are presented with appealing ready-made offers. In this campaign, we looked behind the yellow door and explored the wonderful world of Raiffeisen Bank.


In our collaboration, we created a unique creative concept for Euronics’ new image and promotional spots. Our aim was to showcase the supermarket chain’s selected product range and its team of experts, as well as to promote Euronics’ webshop. “In addition to meeting the campaign’s objectives, an important criterion for the TV creative tender was the realisation of a creative concept that was unique in its message and tone, and that could only be associated with Euronics. We wanted to create a film that would not only stand out from the advertising block in general, but that customers would immediately associate with us even without the brand’s name,” said Beatrix Hunyady, Marketing Director of Euronics.

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