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How can a financial service provider and hockey go hand in hand? For example along the keywords of confidence and risk-taking. When launching AXA, Republic Group drew on its experience in the financial sector and brought completely new ideas to the table.


UK-based Vodafone Group is the world’s 2nd largest mobile telecommunications company with 434 million customers. It serves business and residential clients in more than 65 countries through its own network. Launched in Hungary in 1999 by Republic Group, Vodafone is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market with a total market capitalisation of GBP 89.1 billion.


Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s most famous luxury brands. A pillar of the German Big Three, it operates production lines in 26 countries. It has been officially producing cars in Hungary since 29 March 2012. The car manufacturer’s expansion in Hungary was supported by Republic Group.


How can product packaging speak to tradition while transcending the clichés of its market? When designing Pick’s packaging, Republic Group used archival cityscapes to create a novel solution that made it stand out from the competition.


What can a fresh brand expect when it debuts if it already has a competitor in the market that has been a success since its launch? Hell Energy is a living example that there can be many reasons to be optimistic. The power lies in a well thought-out marketing strategy and, of course, in the brand itself.


Today, Mizo is one of the major dairy companies in the Hungarian market. Although it has been a major contributor to living a full life for years, Mizo’s career has not always been smooth. In the first half of the 2010s, the brand underwent significant positive changes, in which Republic Group played a prominent role.


Born in 1941, tibi is one of Hungary’s most iconic chocolates. The brand, owned by the Bonbonetti Group, is a nostalgic experience for many, as it largely defined the childhood of the Baby Boomers and members of Generation X. Republic Group got involved with the brand on its 70th birthday. What better gift idea could there be than the promise of renewal and rejuvenation?


Every year, the Balaton Crossing attracts more and more visitors, a true celebration of the people. Of course, the increasing attendance also multiplies the number of sponsors. Danone’s Actimel brand needed solutions to this struggle that would make the brand stand out from the lake of advertising. This is when the phone rings at Republic.

Hajdú Sajt

Something healthy can also be delicious – this was the conclusion of the launch of Hajdú’s yoghurt cheese. The credibility of the campaign was guaranteed by the most famous handball players of Győri Audi ETO KC. Here is the result of a successful cooperation!


After previous years’ campaigns, the tabloid brand managed to speak out again and make a big splash with a bold and completely new concept. On the advice of Republic Group, they ventured into the market with a creative that caught the attention of the whole country.