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The long-established, 100% Hungarian Cerbona, based in Székesfehérvár, celebrated its 30th birthday in 2018. It was a great pleasure for our team to share our creativity in celebrating this milestone anniversary! We were responsible for designing a concept that was able to rejuvenate the brand. Therefore, we designed a festive limited edition cereal bar packaging.


The campaign was centred around the brand’s birthday, so to mark the occasion we dressed the logo in a celebratory outfit. The limited edition rock-cake flavoured muesli bar packaging was also designed to honor the anniversary, which immediately conveyed the campaign message and the limited edition nature of the product.

As part of the birthday promotion, the brand surprised its customers with gifts: the muesli bars in the prize draw were renamed “lucky bars”, bringing great joy to many customers, who could win a valuable scooter, smartphone, headphones, festival tickets, cinema tickets for two, and Cerbona gift packs at the end of the campaign.


Nothing better demonstrates the success of the campaign than the fact that we were able to almost triple the client’s sales KPI of 32,000 SKUs to 96,000 sales. We achieved this result by getting the products in the promotion on store shelves with a delay of almost 1 month.


We were responsible for the design of the promotional campaign, the limited edition muesli bar packaging design, the TVC, and PPC – social campaign design.

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