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The task was quite special, as our team was involved in the construction of CHERRISK from the very beginning. Our main mission was to introduce the product to the Hungarian market, but we not only designed the 360-degree communication, but also participated in the product research and development.


We launched a three-stage communication with a teaser phase, a full media roadblock, and a press conference on launch day. We activated the relevant media and involved opinion leaders who led a very active and vibrant lifestyle in 2018: Gabi Tóth, Péter Dancsó, Rozina Wossala, Zsófi Szabó, Dia Nyári, and Dániel Nagy.

The creative launch campaign revolved around the youthful and energetic TVC, which underlined the message that CHERRISK customers can always rely on the insurer, as trust between the parties is key.


114 articles were published on the day of the press conference alone. In total, we reached 2 million readers and generated an AVE of 15 million HUF.


Preparing the launch campaign (market and focus group research), developing the communication strategy and concept, and designing the creatives for the campaign (including an outdoor campaign, TV, online advertising, and full graphic design).

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