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Clark Hotel


The main goal of our collaboration was to successfully position the brand. To this end, we designed a website with a dedicated interface and were also responsible for the design and implementation of the hotel’s online communication strategy.


We created a main page based on side-scroll, which on the one hand facilitates the user’s navigation through the website. and on the other hand reflects the elegance of the building. We placed a strong emphasis on the history of the hotel’s location, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the area, and highlighting its impressive interior, which visitors can view through an integrated 360-degree virtual tour.


The unique web design and communication strategy had an impact. Hotel Clark was positioned to differentiate itself from its competitors for both domestic and international guests. Since 2018, the hotel has been steadily strengthening its position among the top hotels in the capital.


Photographing the building’s interior and exterior, developing the unique website in terms of content and design, brand positioning, and the development of the hotel’s online communication strategy.

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