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Corvin Palace


Republic Group was tasked with designing an identity that evoked Corvin Palace in an authentic yet modern way. In addition to developing the creative materials, we also made unique interior design proposals.


We based the identity and interior design on art deco and modern elements combined. We incorporated creative materials into the resulting architectural models, giving the building a classic yet youthful look. Attention was paid to the smallest details: the logo of the store will appear only on stone, concrete, wood, and glass surfaces, and the accentuated use of gold will convey a sense of unadulterated elegance. We created the slogan “Pest Icon”, which marks the return of high quality life to Palota Quarter.


Corvin Palace is expected to open in 2023. It will enrich the area of Blaha Lujza Square with a new, imposing, and unique building.


For the overall design of the building’s image, the preparation of the creative materials (citylight posters, billboards, brand book), brand positioning, interior design proposals, and roof terrace design.

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