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Keressük Content csapatunk legújabb tagját, aki rendelkezik 2-3 év PR területen szerzett tapasztalattal, és nyitott egy rugalmasabb és hosszútávú együttműködésre. Ha jól ismered az online, print, RTV sajtó világát és tudod, hogy kell az ügyfelekkel együttműködni, akkor Téged keresünk! Küldd el jelentkezésed az e-mail címre „Freelancer PR Manager” tárggyal, vagy használd a lenti űrlapot! Fényképes önéletrajz ... Read more


Keressük gyártási csapatunk minimum 3 év produkciós területen szerzett tapasztalattal rendelkező Ügynökségi producerét. Amiben számítunk új csapattagunkra az a forgatott és animációs filmek megvalósításához szükséges feltételek megteremtése, részvétel a kreatív fejlesztés folyamatában, szoros együttműködés a client service csapattal, a produkciók (forgatások, fotózások, hangfelvételek stb.) előkészületének és a gyártási folyamatoknak az irányítása, kapcsolattartás az ügyfelekkel és ... Read more


Unicum is one of the biggest brands in the country, and its campaigns are of great importance from an advertising point of view. Republic Group had the honour to add another film to the iconic Unicum TVC line-up, crowning our agency’s 25th birthday.


Few companies can claim to have 150 years of experience as glass manufacturers. Pilkington, on the other hand, has been successfully applying the knowledge it has acquired over a century and a half of professional experience to windscreen manufacture almost since the advent of the automobile.


After previous years’ campaigns, the tabloid brand managed to speak out again and make a big splash with a bold and completely new concept. On the advice of Republic Group, they ventured into the market with a creative that caught the attention of the whole country.


Fino-Food products are characterised not only by modern quality and innovative technology, but also by family tradition. In partnership with Republic Group, Fino launched a range of dairy products with a nutritious protein base, which retain traditional flavours but meet the health-conscious consumer demands of today. Together we created a very special packaging design and ran an exciting launch campaign.


EcoFamily’s and Republic Group’s latest joint campaign supports shoppers in creating a more meaningful life. As part of the movement, called The Way of Conscious Harmony, a sponsored sub-site was set up on, where editors shared articles every week on one of the page’s 5 different topics (pillars).
The articles introduced readers to a more idyllic and conscious way of living. The collaboration with also included a book recommendation section, which linked to EcoFamily’s Happiness Library website, where readers could carry out their orders.


The Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal – GVH) is an independent public administration body tasked with monitoring and ensuring fair competition in the Hungarian market. To this end, it acts against, among other things, consumer deception, possible abuses by companies with strong market positions, and anti-competitive agreements. Republic Group joined GVH’s work in the latter case, i.e. in cartel activity.

Katona József Színház

The name of Katona József Theatre is familiar to anyone who is even slightly interested in the cultural life of the capital. However, between the lavish performances, the spotlight sometimes shifts from the stage to the audience. In this campaign, we can take a peek behind the scenes and see how theatre experiences can be shared more easily with the next generation.

Clark Hotel

Hotel Clark opened its doors to guests from all over the world in 2018. Visitors staying there enjoy high quality service, enhanced by the picturesque panoramic view of the Danube from the hotel rooms. Located on Clark Ádám Square, this imposing building is considered one of the best hotels in Budapest. Republic Group played a significant role in the launch of Hotel Clark, as our agency brought the splendour of the hotel to the online space.