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Launched in 2018, CHERRISK by UNIQA is a next-generation Hungarian-developed insurance platform. The revolutionary service now has more than 150,000 users and began its international expansion with the introdution in Germany in 2020.


UNIQA is one of the leading insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe, operating in 18 countries, with more than 10 million customers served by 21,000 employees. UNIQA has been present in Hungary for almost 20 years, and its innovative product developments and experience provide a solid backing for its customers.


Market Építő Zrt., one of the most influential players in the Hungarian construction industry, entrusted Republic with the management of its full-service PR and crisis communications, as well as the renewal of its internal corporate communications.


Blikk is Hungary’s leading daily newspaper with the largest circulation. Besides tabloid news, it provides up-to-date information on politics, sports, and current affairs. It also gives practical ideas for everyday life. It’s a large-format classic daily that has dominated the market for decades with its diversity. Blikk is always on the lookout for secrets, which it presents in a striking and accessible way in print and online. In recent years, it has consciously sought to move away from its exclusive tabloid image as the number one source of authoritative political news and information.


Few companies can claim to have 150 years of experience as glass manufacturers. Pilkington, on the other hand, has been successfully applying the knowledge it has acquired over a century and a half of professional experience to windscreen manufacture almost since the advent of the automobile.


“We knew it had to look like it would jump off the shelf.” Since we didn’t have a huge media budget, we needed to win consumers at the shelf, and to do that we needed a product packaging that would sell. So the idea of making it a beautiful detergent was born, and that’s why the whole identity and then the campaign was defined by a clean design.


Representatives of Szentkirályi mineral water, present on the market since 1994, asked us to create an image campaign to help position the brand. It was simpler to set up a campaign which can be built on, as Szentkirályi has all the attributes (million-year-old underground spring, high calcium and magnesium content, smooth taste, international award) that make it a popular mineral water brand.


Jaguar, which is essentially a premium brand, wanted to send the message to the public that it does not only offer its customers a kind of car in the top category. It aims to meet different customer needs with different types and prices, while maintaining high quality at all times. In addition to top-of-the-range models, their portfolio also includes quality mid-range cars.

Land Rover

The idea behind the Land Rover Discovery campaign was to communicate the brand’s core principle (that their cars can go anywhere, on any terrain, on any road) on an international level.


Since 1988, the market leader Cerbona brand has been working to bring its products to the health food market with uninterrupted quality and excellent value for money. Even today, there are consumers in Hungary who automatically refer to any other brand of muesli bar as “Cerbona”, as it was the first brand in Hungary to introduce the world of healthy desserts.