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The integrated launch campaign had a strong offline advertising base, allowing target audiences to be exposed to Etele Plaza’s segmented messages through billboard, citylight, building mesh, vehicle advertising, print, and TV ads from 1 September. This was supported by a strong online presence with ongoing social media content, banners, and online TVC mutations.

The essential elements of the campaign, the TVC, and the photographed visuals were created over a five-day production week, with a crew of around 100 people. The film uses a novel and immersive camera movement to introduce the USPs of Etele Plaza, covering all target audience segments at the same time. The photos featuring the latest fashion trends bring the atmosphere of Etele Plaza to life in a striking way.

The aim of the campaign was to showcase the diversity of the department store in a fresh and youthful way. Etele’s slogan says: it’s full of the most, it’s full of the best. The letters of the word Etele were the inspiration not only for the logo but also for the creative concept. The juxtaposition of Etele and full (“tele” in Hungarian) was an opportunity that Republic Group could not miss when creating the tagline: “Etele – tele legekkel” (Etele – full of the most, full of the best). The newest shopping centre of Budapest is indeed not short of things of the highest quality. When designing the slogan, the agency thought of the store’s entire assortment and dreamt up service-focused sign variations broken down to the different target groups. They revolve around 6 themes (a wide fashion range, the spacious and modern food court, the terrace-connected fitness room, the mobile app, the private cinema, and the meeting point) that make the department store unique.


We were responsible for the entire launch of Etele Plaza, including the creation of the image film, the OOH ads, the banner and social media campaigns, the radio spots, and the influencer partnerships.




We organised a concert in Etele Plaza, inspired by the music of the department store’s TVC. Singer Sena Dagadu performed her own songs as well as the well-known “Here Come the Girls” from the Etele Plaza commercial.

The concert was supported with a strong lead up social media campaign that included targeted ads, social posts, and a themed Facebook event. In addition to these, we also provided offline traffic generation in the form of roll-ups and on-site hosted presence.




Organising on-site activities in the mall.


We organised a round table discussion with well-known female characters. The event was conducted by Futureal Group’s Marketing and Communications Director, Tímea Szili. The discussion included Panni Epres, Trend Curator at Etele Plaza, who was joined by two well-known and recognised panellists, Ildikó Kovalcsik (Lilu) and Gabriella Jakupcsek.
The event was supported by a launch social media campaign that included targeted ads, social posts, and a Facebook event. Furthermore, we provided offline traffic generation with on-site hosted live events, a thematic talk show display, and a giant LED display.



Etele Plaza wanted to celebrate its first birthday on 17 September 2021 with a truly special event(series).


Birthday parties usually last no longer than one day. However, the biggest ones need a longer party, so Republic Group prepared a four-week birthday event for the celebrated Etele Plaza. The main visual element was the birthday cake – along this analogy we have divided Etele Plaza’s main USPs (premium lifestyle, fashion/lifestyle, family activities, entertainment, cinema) into different ‘slices’. Each slice was given a week to entertain the mall’s audience with activities and prize draws tailored to its USPs. Of course, there were also various influencer collaborations, a strong social presence (TikTok, IG and FB) and a Radio 1 collaboration, without which we could not imagine a major Etele Plaza event. And in the week of the birthday, we also organised a separate four-day coupon activity involving more than 100 shops, evoking the atmosphere of JOY and GLAMOUR days.

  • Planning all in-store, OOH and online creative related to the event
  • Organising and executing the programmes and prize draws
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Preparing press releases

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