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Hungarian competition law prohibits cartels, but illegal agreements still exist. In order to combat them, our task was to promote leniency policy in the SME sector.


As the campaign was aimed at a very specific group, one of our main aspects was to break through the advertising noise as effectively as possible. Consequently, we designed unusual visuals and eye-catching creatives to bust cartel members in out-of-the-ordinary locations. In this way, we sent the message that detection and prosecution were inevitable.

In addition to ATL advertising, the integrated campaign used digital tools, and GVH’s website was also restructured to make it more searchable and transparent. The clear content and striking graphics of the website further enhanced its clarity.


The campaign led to a significant increase in antitrust enforcement. The number of notifications of illegal activities and suspicious cases increased by one and a half times and the traffic on GVH’s Kartellchat website also increased substantially. Our creative banner for SoundCloud also received significant professional praise.


Running the integrated campaign and creating the supporting outdoor and BTL ads. Also for the modernisation of GVH’s website design and the creation of the SoundCloud banner.

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