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I am not a robot


Republic is 25 years old. It’s a big event for us, but how can we make sure that everyone celebrates it as much as we do? How do we move the whole industry with an event that is, at the end of the day, just the birthday of one of their competitors? We needed a theme that was hot and vital, meanwhile affecting the whole advertising profession.


With the emergence of A.I. in the creative industry, the solution was almost a silver bullet. Thus was born the “I’m not a robot” party, which, with a nod to reCAPTCHA, asks the question of whether machines will take over from humans behind desks in the future. But with a succession of articles, meetups, workshops, and best practices on this topic over the past few months, we had to come up with something disruptive that would really get everyone’s attention. So, we decided to take this seriously and hand over all the work for one day to ChatGPT and Midjourney! And we did it without telling any of our clients. To make the stakes even higher, we put a colleague behind the machines who can give the most room to A.I. – Timi, our receptionist.


The agency actively communicated about the test on its own social platforms. During the campaign period, page views increased more than 10-fold on Facebook and 55-fold on Instagram. Content supported by advertising reached nearly 125,000 people across the two platforms. The agency TikTok page, launched at the same time as the campaign, opened with a single video with over 559,000 views, reaching 372,000 people on the platform. And of course, the party was sold out.

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