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Katona József Színház


Generation Y and Z members rarely or never go to the theatre. One reason for this is a lack of interest, another is that tickets for popular plays sell out months before they are performed. These tickets are usually purchased by registered members with frequent or advanced purchase rights. We needed to find a solution that would give members of younger generations the opportunity to attend performances at Katona.


With our Katona Chairity initiative, we addressed both the youth and the existing, “seasoned” theatre audience. We broke the tradition: this time, the elderly were encouraged to give up their seats.

Theatre regulars (who had already “snapped up” tickets to popular shows by exercising their pre-emption rights) were able to offer tickets to those aged between 18 and 30 on https://www.katonachairity. The campaign was joined by actors, artists, and opinion leaders such as Eszter Ónodi, Alexandra Borbély, Vivien Rujder, Bence Tasnádi, Éva Szentesi, Odett Polgár, Sára Herrer, and Sándor Bártfalvi, as well as members of Mary PopKids; Barbara Schoblocher, singer of Blahalouisiana; Kata Nagy; Anna Ott; Zsófi Kemény, and Barbara Stahl.

At the very beginning of the cooperation with the theatre, the importance of the initiative was also highlighted by the director of the institution, Gábor Máté.


The Katona Chairity campaign was strongly supported by PPC. Young people were targeted through Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram ads, which directed 11,000 users to the Katona Chairity website. This accounted for 90% of the total traffic. And the number of views of videos produced during the campaign exceeded 10,000. In the end, a total of 985 registrations were received from young people, 120 tickets were offered and 2,575 ticket booking requests were received from users.


Our main task was to develop the concept of Chairity. We created the website for the initiative, which we promoted with PPC ads. We also had a role in working with artists and opinion leaders.

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