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We won the tender for Market Építő Zrt.’s overall PR and crisis communications in 2015. Republic was responsible for defining Market’s communications strategy, building its reputation, conducting its reactive and active crisis management, and positioning.

Since the company’s employees spend most of their time on different construction sites, they rarely meet each other. This was made even more difficult by the cumbersome access to internal intranet interfaces, which did not encourage communication either. Our challenge was to create an internal communication strategy that would help improve the relationship between employees and bring them closer together. In other words, to create a functioning Market employee community.


We set up a detailed annual plan that focused on internal events (meetups, game watches), a new newsletter strategy, a kudos-type modification system, and leveraging social media platforms.


The communication strategy proved to be effective, as the perception of Market Építő Zrt. had positively changed since the start of our work together in terms of press coverage and media coverage.

The previous, typically offensive attitude of the press changed radically, and comments or expert opinions were regularly sought from the Group’s CEO, Mr Scheer.

The improvement of internal communication was also a success, helping co-ordination and making the work of staff more efficient.


Overall corporate and brand communication, expert and brand positioning, and the development of a strategy to support effective internal communication.

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