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When expanding the product range of Medve, our task was to combine the brand’s world with emotional messages, such as playfulness, fun, and good mood. Our aim was to bring the brand (that had not been seen on television for a long time) back to the screen in an innovative way in order to excite consumers.


For the TV spot of Edam, Gouda and Emental sliced cheeses, we finalised and developed a concept based on the stunning graphics of the young Hungarian illustrator Eni Simonyi. Shooting, animation, and post-production were handled by Republic Group’s in-house production division, ESCAPE.

Our solution focused on the sliced format, which is the perfect base for sandwiches. Again, it was important to appeal to families with young children and to emphasise the unrivalled quality of the cheeses. The spot starts in real life, where a little boy’s curiosity transports us to the secret world of Medve, and then a swipe of the bear’s paw brings us back to the packshot of the delicious snack.

We wanted to recall the childhood experience of seeing even the most ordinary things as new and magical, when a backyard was a mysterious wilderness and the recipe of our favourite breakfast treat was a secret to be discovered.

Using a mixed media approach, we supplemented the drawn, story-like sections with filmed footage, which – in terms of execution – presented the team with an exciting challenge.

The composition of the TVC’s score was also a special task. In the end, it was the result of a very long, meticulous, cheerful, and truly Medveesque creative process.


With the naturally lactose-free Medve Edam, Gouda, and Emental novelties, we created a solution that both showcases the ability to reform a popular brand and preserves its lovable, playful image.


We were responsible for the entire product launch campaign: the TVC’s overall production, including the storyline, narration, music, animation, and other post-production works. Furthermore, it was also us who created the creative concept and the visuals for the POS presentations.

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