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Our task was to promote the new Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét and increase brand awareness in Hungary. When the company set up its Hungarian factory, Republic Group was fully entrusted with the business decision to build its marketing communications strategy. This included the creative development and execution of the launch campaign for the B-Class, the debut model produced in the country at the time.


We tailored the brand image to be fashionable, youthful, and metropolitan. The campaign focused on the country’s successes, recognising the talent of Hungarians, the achievements of the past, and the opportunities of the present, such as the new Kecskemét plant.

The campaign featured OOH ads, PR articles, instore materials, and unconventional viral and digital solutions. A creative online solution was also used to increase brand awareness. Hungary’s most popular news portal at the time,, was transformed into a virtual city where visitors could drive with different Mercedes-Benz models between objects “built” from the articles and photos.


The ads for the unique online “test drive” were displayed nearly 30,000,000 times in one day to 554,000 internet users, who tried the playful and creative ad a total of 12,500 times. This encouraged 416 people to get behind the wheel of the new B-Class in the live test drive. The campaign won Republic Group an Ezüst Penge and also took home the first place award in its category at the Hypnosis Advertising Competition.


Republic Group was responsible for building a full marketing communications strategy, including the development of integrated ATL and BTL campaigns.

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