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Research in 2012 revealed that Mizo as a brand was not memorable enough in the minds of consumers, and that the products did not stand out enough on store shelves. With this in mind, our collaboration was focused on developing a brand image that would enable the company to significantly increase its sales.


The quality, taste and diversity of Mizo products are ensured by the farm in Csípőtelek, one of the best cattle farms in Europe. Here, traditional Hungarian milk production is combined with the latest technology to ensure that cows have a happy everyday life.

A new platform was therefore built to showcase the Wonder Farm in a lovable, creative world. The “Nálunk így tejes az élet” (life is complete/milky with us) campaign is reminiscent of the Pixar world, both charming and humorous, and it also conveys the message that Mizo’s happy cows, fed on green grass, are the best of the best. They ensure that the most outstanding dairy products are on our tables.


Mizo’s advertising idea was measured as a hit, with its approval rating reaching unprecedented heights. Spontaneous awareness of the brand increased significantly. Among respondents who recognised the commercial, the brand became more fun, more natural, and more likeable overall. Awareness of the individual products also improved a lot, most notably that of the cottage cheese dessert, which was one of the most important products for Mizo.


Re-positioning the brand and creating a new brand image that was more likeable and memorable for consumers.

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