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With more than 5,500 employees, Bonafarm Group perfectly integrates the best of Hungarian food production, from growing and breeding to processing. As a well-known food processing company, Bonafarm is proud that Pick Szeged Zrt. is also part of the group, which has been an important player in the European food industry for almost 150 years, and is the market leader and one of the best-known companies in Hungary.
Our task was to redesign the packaging of Pick products in such a way that it would both carry the brand values and be able to emphasise the strength of a market leading brand.


Republic Group’s packaging design was built around the sub-brand identity with the aim of making the shared synergy an even greater driving force. It was a creative challenge to inject tradition and Hungarian roots into the design, while not shifting the focus away from unique quality. We created a packaging that distinctively differentiates the brand from its competitors: Republic Group found a solution in archival cityscapes, which referenced the past in a new way, abandoning meat industry clichés.


Following the launch, Pick successfully built unique image attributes with a traditionally Hungarian, unparalleled quality, enhancing its differentiation from competitors. Therefore, it managed to reduce cannibalisation in its own brand portfolio. The new design also supported the positioning of Pick, which is more of a family brand than Herz, which has hedonistic styling cues.


We were responsible for the redesign of the product packaging.

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