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Pilkington has been a real factor in the windshield market for a long time. Our agency was tasked with strengthening the car glass manufacturer’s firm position in Hungary. That’s why we wanted to put the the company’s campaign into a historical perspective.


Through “The Big Windshield Stories”, we evoked memorable moments with a minimalist animation built in a few phases. Each historical event was presented from the perspective of a car window, in chronological order, until we arrived in the present. So, through nostalgic moments and Pilkington windscreens, we can say: “We were in the taxis in which the British pop stars of the sixties fled from their fans; We were in the cars of the German youths when they celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall; We were in the cars that took part in the Budapest taxi blockade of the 90s; And we’ll be in your car if anything happens to your windscreen.”


The campaign was worthy of Hungary’s number one windscreen manufacturer. Thanks to Republic Group, Pilkington has confirmed its position as a top-of-mind brand in the Hungarian automotive glass market.


Creating the Pilkington annual umbrella campaign, including the animation series.

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