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We faced serious challenges in launching Souldrops, an eco-friendly detergent and rinse aid brand, as the detergent market is basically characterised by static predominance of international brands and a small number of new entrants. This was the field in which we wanted to launch the product of a start-up with 100% Hungarian owners.


The low budget available to us required a carefully planned campaign. Our agency was involved from step zero in the evolution of the brand strategy, and even took part in product development from time to time. We also worked with leading professionals and consultants from the start.


The launch was a resounding success, far exceeding sales targets and wowing the industry, leading to a number of national and international awards for Souldrops packaging design: Kreatív Prizma – 1 Gold; Clio Awards – 1 Silver; Golden Drum – 1 Silver; Lia – 2 Gold; Epica – 1 Silver; Arany Penge – 1 Gold; Golden Hammer – 1 Gold; Pakk – 1 Silver / Packaging Design Household Chemical category; M+ List – Best Client 2017; M+ List – Best Campaign


We were involved in the development of the brand strategy, including packaging design, logo design, brand image building, and positioning.

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