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Our task was to reposition the brand. On the one hand, to “shake it up” and on the other, to communicate the promise of 70 years of tradition and quality, of “everlasting joy”. Our strategic objectives were to encourage purchase, to increase brand awareness (especially among the younger age groups), and to convey the experience of biting into chocolate and reliving childhood memories, regardless of age.


“Let your childhood be one tibbit longer!” The traditional ATL communication included a brand new image, various promotions, and a TV commercial.
We also developed a BTL campaign, including taking over the management of the tibi’s Facebook page and launching an online skill platform game. In parallel, we managed to strengthen the brand’s nostalgia factor (“brag with tibi” – “70kedj tibivel”) and its appeal to younger age groups.


The campaign generated a lot of media coverage. The TVC performed well, it reached 60% of the target audience. Overall, we accomplished updating people’s perception of the brand.
The elderly’s confidence in the quality of tibi was further strengthened, while the youth started to become emotionally attached to a brand that until then had been mainly a part of their parents’ and grandparents’ past. As a result of the campaign, market share rose to 8% and a total of 569,443 users tried the online game of tibi, which generated 10,000 new likes on Facebook.


The launch of a brand new identity, supported by various promotions and a TVC. Also for the implementation of a BTL campaign, during which we managed the Facebook page of tibi chocolate and created an online skill platform game.

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