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The campaign was particularly relevant in the context of isolation, fear, and existential insecurity caused by the coronavirus pandemic: in 2020, the world became an even more dangerous place for children, with estimates suggesting that the number of child abuse cases could have increased by up to 30% during the pandemic.
UNICEF Hungary chose Republic Group as its partner for the campaign. During the creative development process, the primary concern was not to come up with a concept that is often seen and very easy to decode, but to address the population with attention-grabbing, thought-provoking, and thus deeply engaging materials.


At the suggestion of Republic Group, an extraordinary campaign element was added to the activities. Those who called UNICEF’s donation line in November in 2020, in addition to donating 500 HUF to the work of the foundation, were also treated to an extraordinary sound play. This was not only a special creative solution and an unusual use of the channel, but also a real help to the organisation.


We were responsible for the creative concept and the full creative execution of the campaign, from key visuals to the implementation of the billboard campaign, alongside online advertising. As part of the creative concept, we were also responsible for developing an extraordinary element, the sound play.

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