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UNIQA Insurance has always placed great emphasis on providing services that meet changing customer needs and expectations. It refuses to fall into the rut of long decades, but puts the experience it has gained at the service of the opportunities offered by technological innovations. This is a huge commitment and a step out of the comfort zone for a type of company that is essentially conservative.

For one year, until the launch of CHERRISK by UNIQA on 17 September, we were trying to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone. We needed to create an online branded content campaign that, in addition to image communication and reputation building objectives, would primarily serve as a database builder and would properly introduce the new brand launch without getting into specifics. Our agency was responsible for the overall strategic planning and management of the project.



We sent a message to consumers that they could step out of their comfort zone to explore, learn, and try new things, with UNIQA’s encouragement and support to provide them with security.

In the first phase of the campaign, viewers could vote for videos by popular vloggers (Péter Dancsó, Gergely Szirmai, Fruzsi Viszkok, Anna Follow, Ábel IHNIH, Dani Nagy, Tomi Tokár, and Soma Hajnóczy), who decided which vlogger should take on which challenge. Celebrities such as Gabriella Jakupcsek, Gabi Tóth, Réka Rubint, Regina Dukai, Adél Csobot, Anikó Nádai, Márk Lakatos, Ádám Kiss, Viktor Nagy, Péter Puskás, and Bence Istenes also joined the campaign and took the plunge to step out of their comfort zone.
In the third phase, we encouraged the general public to upload similar videos of themselves to the microsite to compete for the valuable prize. The voting period lasted for a month, followed by the announcement of the results. For a registration fee, visitors could compete for valuable prizes, even if they did not vote or upload a video. Once everyone was out of their comfort zone, it was UNIQA’s turn to launch CHERRISK!

During the campaign, we reached the audience through multiple communication tools: banners, press releases, EDMs, social media platforms, and influencers’ own channels also boosted microsite traffic.


We wanted as many people as possible to leave their comfort zone. We focused on getting as many views as possible on the videos we produced with opinion leaders and uploaded to our own channels. Our aim was to get the message out to additional audiences and drive traffic to the microsite from there. We have far exceeded all our goals, closing a very successful campaign:

– We exceeded the registration number set as a KPI with thousands of email addresses
– We uploaded 10 opinion-leader videos to the Comfort Zone microsite and UNIQA’s YouTube page
– 5 + 3 vlogger YouTube videos were published on their own channels
– Nearly 100 user-generated video content were uploaded to the Comfort Zone page
– 34 articles appeared on Origo and
– YouTube: more than 2,600,000 views
– Microsite visits: more than 450,000 UV and more than 690,000 PV

The official closing of the campaign coincided with the launch of CHERRISK, the insurance model of the future, specifically designed to meet the needs of the 25-35 target group.


We were responsible for the creation of the online branded content campaign, the overall strategic planning, and the project management of the project.



UNIQA has insurance for almost everything. Republic Group’s campaign encouraged people to do things which, by their very nature, cannot be insured. The competition rewarded the most creative designs, while campaigning with humorous, non-existent insurances such as “I’m cooking the Christmas menu this year” or “I’m trying seafood”. Additionally, the positive, supportive attitude really captured people’s imagination.


Republic Group produced 3 online image films, each of which showed a bold commitment that is worth taking even if you don’t have insurance, because who knows what positive change courage can bring to one’s life. The origin of the campaign was a microsite, Here visitors could upload what they would do if they had insurance.

The site was so user-friendly that anyone could easily join the movement. What’s more, the stakes were high, as the writer of the most popular new insurance policy, supported by the jury, received a cash prize of HUF 1,000,000. Republic Group promoted the campaign prominently on social media, using innovative formats such as Swarm and Instagram ads, which achieved a record reach and an 80% engagement rate.

The secret was that the content came almost exclusively from campaign participants, who put an honest and inspiring intent behind the campaign messages. In addition, the nature of the topic meant that PR tools were a key element. Carefully selected bloggers and preliminary research helped to find The Voice, which the agency used to effectively embed the prominent earned media figures.


More than 200 ideas were received, over 8,000 people voted, and the campaign generated over 10,000,000 hits, bringing ideas and potential new types of insurance (even if temporarily) to life. The mechanism effectively got campaign participants interested in making it go viral.


We created the concept and the mechanism, produced the TVCs and the microsite for the campaign, and developed and executed the online advertising strategy.

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