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Jeremy Forword, Chairman of Vodafone, tasked the independent agency’s creative strategy team to develop and deliver a ground-breaking, ‘out of the box’ idea that would demonstrate freedom of communication in Hungary. At the time, no one probably expected this campaign to win the country its very first Cannes Golden Lion.


Dance is one of the most ancient forms of communication, with its tradition dating back thousands of years. One of the most expressive arts in the world, it is a deeply instinctive cultural value. Dance is a language, a sound, with whose rhythm anyone can connect. Republic Group’s creative concept manifested communication through the culture of movement at the heart of Vodafone.

In collaboration with contemporary folk and pop dancers, the choreography adapted ancient culture into the present in a unique way. Building on the true values of the brand, it showed the moment when Hungary became able to connect the country to the international communication stream. With this campaign, Republic Group built one of the largest creative campaigns in the country, covering the full ATL and BTL scale.


The concept was a huge success . The market started to look at the third mobile operator as a liberator, bringing low prices without compromising on quality with a campaign that was unprecedented in the sector.

In the first 3 months, top-of-mind awareness, and other key brand indicators soared, and the huge success of the launch was a good example for the London headquarters. Many contributors were rewarded with promotions within the company, while the collaboration also brought Republic Group international recognition.

The agency was awarded the first Hungarian Golden Lion at Cannes. The campaign became a point of reference in the telecommunications sector at that moment. Republic Group opened up a new dimension in branding and brand management. The launch of Vodafone in the country is one of our agency’s best-known projects.


The launch of Vodafone on the Hungarian market. This included graphic design of all communication tools (leaflet, POS, TVC, outdoor), support for reseller sales, the management of monthly 360-degree tactical campaigns, and the development of the image campaign.

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