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Today, Wienerberger is present in more than 30 countries worldwide and is a leading manufacturer of ceramic roof tiles in addition to bricks. It is the market leader in brick production in Hungary. They help people build energy-efficient homes with high-quality and durable materials. They achieve customer satisfaction by continuous improvement and technological innovation. These values were emphasised in the concept, design, and implementation of Porotherm X’s launch campaign.


In repositioning Porotherm, our aim was to present the image of a brand at the forefront of technological innovation and energy-saving solutions. Building on this, innovation and the importance of the family home were at the heart of the TVC.



With the concept “The Journey of the Brick”, we wanted to show the path that Porotherm X-therm takes from the engineering design, through the production line, to the construction of the home. Building on this, we wrote a story that shows the fruitful relationship between tradition and innovation. We communicated the benefits of the new brick to B2C and B2B with different aspects emphasised. In the former, the main message is that with Porotherm one can build a long-lasting, modern, and energy-efficient home, while in the latter, we highlighted the innovative qualities and strengths of the brick.


We were responsible for the entire launch campaign, the image film, and the development of the B2C and B2B key visuals.


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