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We needed to create a commercial and image communication campaign that could convey the history and cultural significance of a brand that is over 200 years old. We had to do so in a clear and elegant way, while retaining a target group that has been loyal for decades and also becoming more appealing to younger generations. In other words, our task was to dress one of the best-known Hungaricums in a modern guise.


The campaign’s main visual elements are hot air balloons (inspired by Unicum’s signature glass) which symbolise and also highlight the importance of special moments in life. Scenes in the commercial include an engagement, a graduation party, a family reunion, and a crucial football match. The balloons link not only the events and the breathtaking locations, but also the generations present. It is a way of celebrating moments that have a truly special meaning in our lives, and of course, Unicum is not to be left out from such events.
Filmed over 3 days, the TVC was shot in 5 locations and had a crew of 180 people. The campaign was accompanied by a monumental building net on Andrassy Avenue, billboards, real balloon activity, and a number of online appearances..


Our main task was to reposition Unicum: we created the whole 360-degree campaign. The jewel in the crown is a new landmark commercial, the concept of which we led from the synopsis to the final version, perfected with CGI solutions. We also designed and executed the various outdoor and online elements accompanying the campaign.

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